I am a tattoo artist in NYC

Hi, thank you for visiting my page. My name is Kang Min Hyoung (aka, Graffittoo), tattoo Artist at Atelier Eva, Brooklyn. (@atelier.eva) I am from South Korea, my journey into the world of body art began with a dedication to honing my creative skills through higher education. I obtained a Master of Arts in Design from Kingston University, London, following a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Design in Korea.

In 2007, I founded a thriving Tattoo Studio in Korea, cultivating an environment of creativity and collaboration. Starting with work specializing in fine line tattoos, I have moved on to realistic tattoos and am now focusing on watercolor tattoos. In 2013 when I clinched the esteemed Great British Tattoo Show Award for Best of Sunday, a testament to my commitment to excellence and mastery in the field.

With my wide and deep experience of tattooing and design, now I am here in NYC to create arts for your skin.